Fresh Roasted

Here's the simple answer... Fresh roasted coffee tastes better!

If you want the complicated answer... here are 3 reasons to purchase fresh artisan roasted coffees:

1. Taste - Fresh roasted coffee tastes better! Seriously... there's no telling how long those beans in your local supermarket have been sitting not only in those bulk containers, but in the store room at the back of the store. You think that triple mocha latte that you buy at the drive through on your way to work is fresh roasted coffee? There is a reason they cover it up with a cup of sugar and a quart of milk...

2. Smell - A large part of taste happens through your nose, so it stands to reason that the better the coffee smells, the better it tastes. Aroma is one of the first things to deteriorate as a roasted bean ages, so the longer it sits, the less aromatic the beans will be both before and after you grind them.

3. Quality
 - There are only so many of the best quality fruits from any crop and the best are not sitting in that bin at the store. The larger the quantity purchased, the less chance you are getting the best quality beans. Coffee, like any crop, is graded by size and shape after harvesting. Artisan roasters typically purchase the best beans from not only a specific growing region, but quite possibly a specific farm or group of farms. These crops tend to be hand picked and only the ripe cherries are harvested over 2 or 3 months time. Larger volume farms tend to harvest by machine and take an aggregate of the good and bad cherries, sorting after picking.

Wait!... I thought of one more reason... Value. Seriously? if you ONLY get a straight cup of drive-up coffee... their largest size... you pay what? $2.00+ per cup? You could be paying $0.36 per cup for FRESH ROASTED ARTISAN COFFEE AND HELPING OUR NATIONS VETERANS AT THE SAME TIME!