Coffee Snobbery

Or... another word for Coffee Connoisseur.

There's no better time to write post on snobbery than at the end of wine night with your friends...

My friends are neither connoisseurs nor snobs. In fact, I have wine night with a group of old motocross riders. They give me a fresh view of the enjoyment of the finer things through their input and appreciation of the wines we choose to drink during our visits.

As I have studied the world of coffee, I realize that it follows closely the world of wine and beer. I have been a home brewer for the past decade and over the past couple of years roasting coffee, see many similarities.

In truth, I don't feel that I have a great palette. I know good from bad, and can identify some very profound notes in the brew that I drink, be it beer, wine, or coffee. Tonight I chose a peppery zinfandel to go with the chili and nachos that we enjoyed for cinco de mayo.

There are people with excellent palettes. They can taste the finest points and the faintest delicate flavors of a specific region or appellation, however, I find myself challenged to name flavors specifically. I am completely fine with that. I will give you general flavor notes as I identify them. I will continue to produce the finest coffee that I am able given my current learning and experience.

We are proud to provide fresh roasted coffee to our customers and a portion of the profits to the warriors who so bravely pledged their lives to the service of our country.

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